Gay couple fight Immigration NZ to prove their love is real

Your Sunday 21/01/2018

An Auckland gay couple is in a fight with Immigration New Zealand to prove their love is true.

23-year-old Glendene man Logan Sim met 24-year-old American Zachary Tucker on Tinder while he was here as a working holidaymaker.

Both have applied for a partnership visa.

They told RadioLIVE's Your Sunday host Ryan Bridge that despite all their submissions, Immigration New Zealand doesn't believe they are in a genuine and stable relationship.

We've provided as much evidence as we think we can.

"But even with all that evidence [Immigation New Zealand] have still said there's not enough, basically," said Mr Sim.

Mr Sim told Ryan Bridge a list of requirements from Immigration New Zealand was given to them.

"Which we went through and covered everything we possibly can; financial bills, living together, all that kind of stuff."

"But how much more we need to provide... we're not sure," he said.

Asked how the pair met, Mr Sim's partner Zachary Tucker said it happened on the dating app Tinder.

"I came to [New Zealand] just for an overseas experience and to get some work while I was at it.

He says the pair met two days after Mr Tucker arrived in New Zealand.

It's been true love the whole time.

"This fight is what makes it really hard and we've even spent a lot of time apart, even while I was [back] in the States," Mr Tucker said.

Mr Tucker says the pair have officially lived together for seven months but they were dating for five months while he was in New Zealand.

"We were staying at each other's places back and forth.

"We even have letters of support to prove that between my roommate and [Mr Sim's] parents," Mr Tucker told RadioLIVE.

"But we spent a total of eleven months apart while I was in the States trying to build up my financials and get this whole visa process going."

Mr Tucker was given a nine-month visitor visa in the meantime, to allow the pair to gather all the information they need to prove their relationship is genuine and stable.

"But I'm not allowed to work during that and that's kind of caused some strain in everything as well."

Mr Sim proposed to Mr Tucker online in June 2016. 

"I was kind of thinking how do I do it and what do I do?... and it was actually a Spotify playlist," Mr Sim said.

"And reading down the list it kind of said, "I love you, will you marry me?"

The couple married in New Zealand last March. 

Watch the full interview with Logan Sim and Zachary Tucker above.

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