Is the Government unfairly prioritising Auckland light rail?

The AM Show 19/01/2018

The National Party has criticised the Government of prioritising light rail over major highway projects.

Opposition’s Judith Collins has since spearheaded a series of petitions to to save major highway projects, which she argues are at risk because of the Government’s preference for light rail in Auckland.

Ms Collins and Housing Minister Phil Twyford join The AM Show to discuss how Government funding should be allocated to transportation needs around the country.

“He’s going to put more emphasis on trains,” Ms Collins says of Mr Twyford.

“It’s not going to help a lot of people who don’t have any train service anywhere near them,” she says.

National’s petitions will focus on saving ten roads around the country, including Auckland's East-West Link and the State Highway 1 from Christchurch to Ashburton.

Mr Twyford refutes her claims, saying she has come to the false conclusion that “somehow, Labour’s come along and pulled the plug on [the road projects].”

“We haven’t changed the plans for any of those roads,” he says, with the exception of Auckland’s East-West link needing a more cost-effective plan.

“What is it with you guys and the number ten?” asks Mr Twyford.

“You promised ten bridges in Northland, you didn’t build a single one of them. Now you’re promising ten roads. It’s just pork barrel politics,” he says.

“Get me Mill Road,” responds Ms Collins.

Watch the full interview with Judith Collins and Phil Twyford above. 

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