Mental health inquiry should be given a chance - campaigner

The AM Show 24/01/2018

A mental health campaigner says the Government has achieved more in the last 100 days than National Party did in nine years.

The Government announced earlier this week to open a mental health inquiry as one of Labour’s election promises to investigate into mental health and addiction.

Mental health campaigner Mike King later joined the show to discuss he take on the recently announced inquiry.

The inquiry has been criticised for its lengthy completion time and where its $5 million budget will come from.

However, Mr King told The AM Show that the government will be criticised no matter what they do.

"Already the trolls are out… they're damned if they do and damned if they don't,” he told The AM Show.

"Right now people think the inquiries are on and now they sit back and do nothing. They really need to get out and have their voice heard."

Health Minister David Clark joined The AM Show earlier to defend the inquiry as an important step for making significant changes.

We know that it's broken.

We have said that we will fund health much better than our predecessors,” said Mr Clark.  

"The statistics internationally are shameful,” he said. “We know we're not doing as well as we can be."