Character of the Country: How a young stock agent got his dream job

Rural Exchange 28/01/2018

This week's Character of the Country is Madison “Maddo” Taylor, a young stock agent at Peter Walsh & Associates working in North Otago and South Canterbury. 

A former bareback rider, Maddo now commentates at rodeo events across the South Island and is also an award-winning stock auctioneer, using his wit and charm to sell the finest livestock.

He joined Rural Exchange and says the livestock sales are going pretty well in South Otago.

"Everything seems to just be ticking away pretty strong."

"Unfortunately for me, good for the farmers, there's plenty of grass around at the moment so there's not a heap of stock moving but I'm sure it'll get going at some stage," he said.

"Not too much to complain about to honest."

Mr Taylor says he's always had a passion for livestock sales.

"I started doing it when I was at school, going out with the stock agents in the school holidays.

"Always wanted to be a stock agent for some reason."

In 2016 Mr Taylor won the Heartland Bank Young Auctioneer competition at the Canterbury A&P show.

He says he's developed his own auctioneer style.

"That's the great thing about the auctioneer's competition, and going overseas and around with different agents and sale yards is you just pick little pieces off one or two auctioneers."

Watch the full interview with Maddo Taylor above.

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