Freedom campers causing a stink in rural communities

Rural Exchange 28/01/2018

Freedom camping has been a hot topic of debate at Newshub and RadioLIVE this week.

One group unhappy about the lack of enforcement and education around freedom camping is Rural Woman.

They say with no action being taken against freedom campers, it's causing ongoing issues in our rural communities.

President Fiona Gower says rural communities need to work together.

"I think every council in the country, every local body, has a different set of rules on what's allowed and what's not allowed and I think that must get very confusing for our overseas visitors.

"A lot of it is about education as well."

Fiona Gower says it's important freedom campers are self-contained.

"That is the big issue to all of us is getting that message across that 'yes, you can stay somewhere but please make sure that you have got self-containment and that you're not leaving anything behind.'

"We're finding the big issue is people pulling up somewhere and leaving some very unpleasant reminders of their stay. And we don't want that because it can make people very sick with the E. coli bug," she said.

It certainly is very unsightly for other people.

Gower says local councils should be working with central government on national regulations.

Do you think freedom camping should be banned across New Zealand?
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Watch the full interview with Fiona Gower above.

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