CB Norwood on wrapping up the Balance Farm Environment Awards

Rural Exchange 27/01/2018

Judging has just finished up for the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, which recognises good farm practices to promote sustainable land management.

The awards are sponsored in part by CB Norwood, who regularly join the Rural Exchange team.

Garry Watt & Holly Steger from CB Norwood joined Rural Exchange to discuss the awards and how the company is shaping its own products to be more sustainable.

“The awards are all about recognising great farm practises that promote sustainable farming,” said Ms Steger.

To go along with the sustainable theme, CB Norwood branded the latest edition of their quarterly magazine Agrished with an environmental theme.

“The awards are all about recognising and celebrating great farm practises that promote sustainable farming,” said Ms Steger. “So it’s awesome to be involved in that.

“It’s even printed on environmentally friendly paper this time around!” she told RadioLIVE. “That might be a common theme we carry on with.”

CB Norwood also has a new brand ambassador – RadioLIVE’s very own Richard Loe. 

The latest edition of Agrished will be hitting shelves in the next week.

Farm Machinery is a regular feature on REX thanks to the experts at CB Norwood. Find out more at  Norwood Farm Machinery Centre.

Watch the full interview with Garry Watt and Holly Steger above.

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