New mixer wagon innovation ensures stock get balanced diet

Rural Exchange 28/01/2018

With record high temperatures taking its hold on the country, farmers need to be extra cautious as livestock, like humans, can become physically overwhelmed by excess summer heat.

While we have no control over the climate we can look to new innovations in flexible wagons to ensure stock get a balanced diet in challenging times.

Jaiden Drought joined Rural Exchange with his latest review of the Siloking Duo 3022 in the next Farm Trader magazine.

"This is a relatively new brand into New Zealand. They are German made and company just makes mixer wagons."

"They solely focus on making them and all of the components, apart from the axles, are made in-house," he told Rural Exchange.

Mr Drought says that during a drought, stock can't just consume palm kernel.

"You've got to give them some other component to the diet. And that's where these really set themselves apart.

"You can put in lower quality feed in with some higher end feed which is more expensive and actually make a balanced diet and bring the total costs down," he said.

"That's where the benefit is - it just gives you that flexibility in these times of hardship."

Watch the full interview with Jaiden Drought above.

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