How Maui Milk aids sheep milk sector with genetics, hybrid farming

Rural Exchange 27/01/2018

With increasing lactose intolerance and evolving flavour palates, the sheep milk industry is both meeting demands and shaping the future dairy sector.  

Maui Milk, a sheep milking venture on the shores Lake Taupo, created a hybrid dairy sheep created specifically for New Zealand conditions.

Peter Gately, general manager of Maui Milk, joined Rural Exchange to discuss how the company has developed a hybrid farm system and genetics to support it.

“Sheep milking has appeal to us because there’s just so much experience in New Zealand in sheep farming but also at dairying on a pasture-based system,” he said. “So we are bringing those things together.”

Maui Milk runs two different farming systems to help with the design of a future hybrid system that works ideally for New Zealand’s conditions.

Maui’s genetics programme is making further strides for the sheep milk industry with its new sheep breed using northern hemisphere genetics.

“We are looking for the same advantages of genetic immunity and hybrid vigour,” he told RadioLIVE. 

Watch the full interview with Peter Gately above.

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