Fertiliser importance in summer pasture management

Rural Exchange 27/01/2018

Summer and autumn are interesting times of the year for stock and pastures when the weather can have a big influence on both of these. The quantity & quality of feed can change very quickly.

Josh Verhoek, Science Extension Officer at Ballance Agri-Nutrients joined Rural Exchange to discuss a number of different methods for managing summer pastures.

Josh says it has been a very challenging season so far, made tougher by the quick transition between the big wet and this scorching heat we're experiencing at the moment.

To ensure reproductive performance, farmers need to focus on the condition of their stock.

Fertiliser can also be a huge help. The factors to keep an eye on are timing and product choice.

"Hill country is typically very responsive to applied nitrogen so therefore application rates needn't be that high," says Mr Verhoek.

Fertiliser is a regular feature on REX thanks to the experts at BALLANCE. If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit their website.

Listen to the full interview with Josh Verhoek above.

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