Man beats food addiction by eating potatoes for full year

The AM Show 19/01/2018

An Australian with an emotional addiction to food chose to go through 2016 eating nothing but potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Andrew Taylor joins The AM Show to discuss why he turned to a strict potato diet for 365 days.

Mr Taylor was clinically depressed with anxiety before his potato diet, opting for potatoes because he didn’t “want to rely on food for comfort and emotional support.”

“If an alcoholic should quit alcohol entirely than maybe a food addict should quit food,” he says.

I had to learn new strategies for coping.

Despite peers telling him he would get everything from scurvy to fibre deficiency, Mr Taylor says his medical check-ups throughout the year continued to improve. At the end of the year, he had lost a whopping 50 kilos on his all carb diet.

While his potato diet reaped him health benefits, he explains that the journey was more intended to improve his mental health.

“I was using food to get comfort, enjoyment and emotional support,” Mr Taylor explains. “It was the big thing in my life that I looked forward to.”

Watch the full interview with Andrew Taylor above. 

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