Te Reo can’t rely on Government to save it – Bill English

The AM Show 16/01/2018

A controversial new book titled Killing Te Reo Māori argues that everything Kiwis are doing to save the language is counterproductive.

National Party leader Bill English joins The AM Show to discuss how he thinks the language can be saved.

Mr English says the responsibility lies in the hands of Māori to preserve Te Reo.

"The language will be saved by the people who own it and love speaking it," he says.

"Māori need to speak Māori if they want to preserve the language."

The Opposition leader explains that while the Government is obligated to help preserve the language through the treaty, he believes that these obligations have been met.

"You can't rely on a Government and a bureaucracy to save someone else's language."

Despite this, he explains that Te Reo will still recognised as an integral part of New Zealand's identity.

Watch the full interview with Bill English above. 

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