'I will win this' - Penny Bright and her fight with Auckland Council

Your Sunday 28/01/2018

She's loathed by many councils and government officials.

Loud, relentless, persistent, annoying, opinionated and independent - all words you could use to describe anti-corruption campaigner and veteran activist Penny Bright.

She's the Auckland woman in a decade-long fight with Auckland Council. They're looking to sell her home to recover $34,000 in unpaid rates and penalties.

Penny Bright spoke candidly to RadioLIVE's Ryan Bridge about her life and why she's so annoying.

"Well, I guess when you're blowing the whistle to help expose when things are not being done in proper way, it makes you very irritating to some people that don't want the public to know," she told RadioLIVE.

Asked why she seeks to fight the big guys, Bright says it's because no one else is.

No one's making me, I choose to do this.

"I have chosen since the year 2000 to work full time in the public interest, and that's when I was lucky enough to pay off my house," she said.

"And if I was a material girl I would no doubt be a millionaire because I'm pretty good at what I'm focussed at doing. But money is not what drives me."

She says the council needs to be open and honest with the public as to where their money is going.

"Why the hell is it my job to tell them their job? And where are the penalties for the council not complying with the law?"

"I will win this. Mark my words."

Watch the full interview with Penny Bright above.

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