Elvis Presley’s jets will return to Graceland Permanently

Music 30/04/2015
Two jets that once belonged to Elvis Presley, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, will have a permanent home at the singer's Graceland mansion in Memphis.

Graceland are “pleased an agreement has been reached,” they said in a statement on Sunday. The two jets, a Convair 880 four-engine jet named Lisa Marie and a JetStar named Hound Dog II, will now remain on permanent display at Elvis’ Graceland mansion in Memphis.

There had been doubts for the continued presence of the airplanes since an agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises was due to expire this month that could have resulted in them being removed from the premises.

Lisa Mare Presley, owner of the Graceland mansion and Elvis’ daughter tweeted on April 27: “Exciting news:I wanted 2 b the first to tell U: The Planes will remain at Graceland 4 ever! We own them and have fun plans for them as well.”

More than half a million people visit Graceland each year, where admission tickets to tour the mansions and airplanes cost $45 for adults.