Frank Sinatra's bizarre, dramatic love story with Mia Farrow

Music 11/08/2015

Frank Sinatra had many close relationships (and even marriages) throughout his life, but there was one in particular that stands out from the rest.

In a new edition of his best-selling biography, "Frank Sinatra: Behind the Legend," Mia shares her thoughts on one of the strangest relationships in showbiz history.
Sinatra first met Miss Farrow back in 1964 while he was filming a movie for 20th Century Fox, and was instantly attracted to her beauty.
She was just 19 when she met the then 49-year-old singer and actor, making for a hefty 30 year age gap. 
Everything was going fairly well for Frank and Mia until his first wife, Nancy, and her daughters, Nancy Jr. and Tina, began planning a party to celebrate Frank’s 50th birthday.
Mia was unexpectedly uninvited to the party by Frank at the very last minute, he told her that his children were not happy about him bringing her along.
She was so distraught that she decided to cut all her long blonde hair off with some old scissors, as she knew Frank loved it so.
As time passed, the pair were eventually married at a secret wedding in 1996. 
Sinatra and Farrow would be married for only a year. He insisted she not star in “Rosemary’s Baby,” and she refused him.
You giving birth to the devil? I don’t like it,” Frank said. “It’s like some strange voodoo s–t. My mother will flip if she sees you doing this s–t.”
Frank dispatched his lawyer, Mickey Rudin, to have Mia sign divorce papers on the set of the film.