The official New Zealand flag designs have been released

Music 10/08/2015

Its official – long list of 40 potential flag designs announced.


The Flag Consideration Panel announced today the long list of 40 flag designs that have been selected for further investigation as part of the official design review process.

Flag Consideration Panel chair, Professor John Burrows, said that every member of the Panel viewed every one of the 10,292 designs and greatly appreciated the thought and hard work that was put into the flag design suggestions.

“We would like to thank everyone for their design suggestions and we’ve been impressed with the very high standard. The Panel made a unanimous decision and selected flag designs we believe best reflect New Zealand’s identity, as shared with us in the values and themes that New Zealanders expressed throughout this process.

In reviewing alternatives, we were guided that a potential new flag should unmistakably be from New Zealand and celebrate us as a progressive, inclusive nation that is connected to its environment, and has a sense of its past and vision for its future.

The Panel has made its preliminary selection of flag designs that it believes best represent the range of suggestions it has received. It is important that those designs are timeless, can work in a variety of contexts, are simple, uncluttered, balanced and have good contrast,” said Professor Burrows.

The designs will be subject to further robust checks and verification, including intensive intellectual property review, to ensure designs are 

workable and that there are no impediments for them moving forward in the process.

Under its terms of reference, it is now the Panel’s responsibility to determine the alternative flag designs.

“As you will appreciate, the Panel must remain neutral and unbiased. We will be taking into account a number of factors including design, practicality and technical considerations and will announce the four alternatives by mid-September.

Eligible voters will then rank these four alternatives in the first referendum later this year,” said Professor Burrows.

The long list of potential designs can be viewed on