Carol Kaye: the session musician who has only just received a glimpse of the limelight at 78

Music 27/10/2015
Who has heard of guitarist and bassist Carol Kaye? If they name doesn't ring a bell, maybe the theme-tune for M.A.S.H, Hawaii five 0 or Mission Impossible would? Or the famous Sonny and Cher "The Beat Goes On" bass riff?
78 year old Kaye has worked as a studio musician since she started playing gigs when she was 14 years old.
She soon discovered Jazz when it was hot, followed by Rock n Roll in 1957. Robert "Bumps" Blackwell discovered her playing in a club and told her to do studio work.
Kaye started by recording Summertime (Porgie and Bess) with Sam Cooke and soon after the work began to pile in and Kaye was noticed for her talent.
While she was never given credit on the records, this did not affect the musician, "We didn't think me, me, me, we thought us, us, us" she said.
After 5 years of playing guitar in the studio, one day the bass player didn't show up - so she took up the instrument and found it a great way to get creative and compose some of the greatest bass-lines that still get the party dancing today.
Kaye went on to play with Phil Spector, Quincy Jones and Brian Wilson to name a few. She also had the ability to record 10 tunes in 6 hours with her family of session musicians - creating over 10,000 songs that still live on today.
Now she teaches lessons on Skype.