Ringo Starr: "the photographer"

Music 02/11/2015
The new short film by veteran Rolling Stone photographer, Mark Seliger, shows Ringo Starr in a new light.
Notably acclaimed for his musicianship with The Beatles, Starr tells Seliger about his love for another medium, photography.
"Photography became my passion alongside playing, really" says the Beatle.
The film follows the release of his new book Photograph which features and incredible collection of rare and intimate photographs of his band mates, the kind of shots only a friend could capture. Think George Harrison goofing off in the studio and John Lennon on the beach in Tobago with a sea urchin stuck in his foot...
"These photographs allow us a very intimate peek inside the Beatles' world," says Seliger. "With his camera by his side, Ringo had the rare ability to step outside of the band and capture very authentic moments as they were unfolding. And through these moments, we are able to witness a love and brotherhood among the four members.
As the images progress chronologically, it clearly depicts how the psychedelic movement was influential in both Starr's photography and music.