The day The Beatles became clothing store owners...

Music 08/12/2015
The Apple Boutique in the 1960s was not as we know it today. Steve Jobs was barely a teenager, and no i-products existed. Instead the store sold clothes by Dutch design collective, The Fool.

The retail store was one of the first projects The Beatles undertook and opened on December 7, 1967 on Baker Street in London.

The exterior of the building was decorated with a spectacular psychedelic mural which was painted by art students. Unfortunately after not receiving correct council consent, the walls were repainted white in May the following year.
After a year of operation, the store shut down due to running at a loss. However there was good news for customers at the time as each person who entered the store on their final day of business was allowed to take one free item. One can only imagine the value of that item today!

The financial troubles of the company, known as Apple Corps, was made into a satirical sketch by Monty Python in the 1978 film The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash - as a parallel to The Beatles career.