Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner dies at 74

Music 29/01/2016
Guitarist and co-founder of psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane, Paul Kantner, has died at 74.

The musician had suffered from a heart attack earlier in the week, but passed away yesterday due to multiple organ failure.

During the sixties, Jefferson Airplane were the first to appropriate the term "San Francisco sound" in the counterculture psychedelic rock scene in the bay area of San Francisco.

Kantner and guitarist and vocalist Marty Balin formed the band in a bar called the Drinking Gourd, intending the group to be a folk-rock group. However the city's drug experimentation and influence soon changed this idea and they developed something far more interesting.

"On our first U.S. tour we were in cities where all the kids came in prom gowns and tuxedos. Then we came back to Iowa a year later and they were having nude mud love-ins and everybody had their faces painted," said Kantner in an interview.

Kantner is the first of Jefferson Airplane's founding members to have passed away. He also has three children: sons Gareth and Alexander and daughter China. Funeral arrangements are pending.