Carole King to perform in London after 27 year hiatus.

Music 09/03/2016
Carole King has announced she will be performing at British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park after a 27 year hiatus.
The 74 year-old musician will headline the event on July 8th with support from Eagles' Don Henley and daughter Louise Goffin.
Her performance will feature songs from bestselling album 'Tapestry' including hits such as 'It's Too Late' and 'So Far Away'. 
King told BBC Radio 6 Music that it actually wasn't her idea to play the album in full, but "no-one has ever thought to ask [before] and I loved the the idea."

"I'll be adding other songs because it would be a very short set if I only did Tapestry," she continued. "I might actually even have it on my social networks where people can offer up their favourites and see if we can get a consensus and help me figure out which songs to add."

"The whole thing is very exciting to me. I'm really looking forward to it."