One of New Zealand's finest sportsmen, Martin Crowe has died

Music 03/03/2016
Today we have lost a sporting legend, Martin Crowe, at the early age of 53 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Crowe has left behind wife Lorraine Downes, and children Emma, Hilton and Jasmine.

Martin Crowe spent 14 years on the pitch representing New Zealand and winning the reputation of the country's greatest test batsman.

In 1991 he won Sportsman of the Year and awarded an MBE for his services to cricket.

He was later inducted into the sports Hall of Fame, and captained the New Zealand team from 1990 - 1993.

Crowe grew up in Auckland with a cricket playing father and brother. The sportsman made his debut at age 19 in 1982.

The cricketer and his teammate Andrew Jones set the record for a Test match partnership of 467 runs, which Crowe likened to "climbing Everest".

Before the Cricket World Cup final Crowe wrote, "My precarious life ahead may not afford me the luxury of many more games to watch. So this is likely to be it. I can happily live with that."

Our thoughts are with his beautiful family. He will always be remembered a legend of New Zealand.
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