Today in history: May 10th

Music 10/05/2016
1960: The Liverpool group the Beatals (now Beatles) changed their name to the Silver Beetles. The group, which included Stu Sutcliffe on bass and drummer Tommy Moore, along with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, auditioned to be the backing group for Billy Fury, Johnny Gentle or Duffy Power at the Blue Angel (formerly known as the Wyvern Social Club), a club owned by manager Allan Williams.

1963: The Rolling Stones recorded their first songs, including their version of Chuck Berry's "Come On", at Olympic Studios in London.

1964: Dusty Springfield made her television debut singing "I Only Want To Be With You" on the CBS program The Ed Sullivan Show.

1965: The Beatles recorded "Dizzie Miss Lizzy" and "Bad Boy".

1965: The Rolling Stones recorded part of "Satisfaction" at Chess Studios in Chicago.

1966: Janis Joplin was invited to San Francisco by her friend Chet Helms. Helms wanted her to audition for a group he was managing.
1967: British police arrested Mick Jagger, Keith Richard and Brian Jones for various drug offenses.

1968: Jim Morrison, seeing what he thought was abuse of audience members by policemen, incited a riot at a Doors concert at the Chicago Coliseum.

1969: The Beatles scored one of the top debuts in rock history with "Get Back", which debuted at #10 on this date.

1975: Apple Records, the record company owned by the Beatles, dissolved.

1975: Stevie Wonder performed a free concert at the Washington Monument for 125,000 people in Washington, D.C. as part of "Human Kindness Day" in the nation's capital.