Mary Poppins sequel confirmed

Music 01/06/2016

Twenty years on from the first Mary Poppins film, Walt Disney Studios have announced that the 1964 classic film will be followed up with a sequel starring actress Emily Blunt.

The film titled Mary Poppins Returns, will feature young Michael Banks as an adult and his three children - focusing on the aftermath of a tragedy.

A new character will take on the persona of Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep, Bert - but instead a street lamplighter named Jack.

Jack will be played by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

While the film will not be based solely on the original, it will take inspiration from PL Travers seven unadapted books about the magical nanny.

"More like an extension" explains the creator.

Travers was not a fan of the famous film due to some embellishments on her characters - such as making Mrs Banks a suffragette.

Apparently the original film also became renown for Van Dyke's notoriously bad cockney accent, and people told the actor, "Y,know, you've got to work on that accent a bit." - but we think it added to his character.