Video: Dad and 6 year old son sing Frank Sinatra in car

Music 03/06/2016
dash-cam footage captures Matt Clayton and son Archie, from Faversham, performing an impressive rendition of the jazz icon’s track Me and My Shadow as they cruise along in their car.

Salesman Matt, 36, who sings in swing band Our Way and also performs with the Dover Operatic and Dramatic Society, hopes his son might follow in his gifted footsteps.

He said: “Whenever we are in the car we are always singing along and Frank Sinatra is Archie’s favourite.

“He now knows all the words and it is always such a pleasure to sing with him.

“We are always doing it but this time, I thought I would film it and put it online as a dig at one of my bandmates that my son might be better at singing Sinatra than him!

“I hope that Archie might carry on with his singing, just as long as he isn’t a competition for my band!”

Matt and Archie live in Hazebrouck Road, Faversham, with mum Gemma and two-year-old Rupert.

It looks as though being a talented performer runs in the genes, with grandad Barry a professional actor and Gemma a pianist.

Matt says he has always loved to sing and started performing when he was around Archie’s age.

Luddenham Primary School pupil Archie said: “I really like Frank Sinatra. There are no other singers I like as much.

“I like his voice a lot and I love singing along, but I think my dad is probably a better singer than me.

“My friends have all said well done Archie and my mum is very proud of us.”