18-year-old Elvis tribute star shares what it's like to be The King

Music 15/08/2016

“When you’re in a role, you can morph into different characters,” Rodriguez says. “You live so many different lives. I think when you put yourself in those shoes, you look at the world from a different place.”

Since the tender age of 9, Taylor Rodriguez has shaked, rattled and rolled his way into the hearts of Elvis fans from the humble beginnings of a karaoke machine and lyric book in his bedroom to his family restaurant, and then onto large arenas of packed out audiences.

Rodriguez also mentions his act is not to "make fun" of the late star, as he himself is a "super-fan" (just take a look at his memorabilia adorned bedroom), he hopes to pay homage to the King and keep his music alive.

“It’s humbling,” he says as he sits on an Elvis throw blanket in his bedroom on a warm May afternoon. “It turned into something I didn’t think it would turn into.”