The making of The Beatles alter-ego album, Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Music 12/08/2016
The album that encapsulated the spirit of flower power and psychedlelia provides a souviner of a bygone era from our younger (and wilder) days.
As Sargent Peppers is passed down to our children and their children, the album is repurposed by it's eternal "coolness", which The Beatles joke about now saying they used the experimental record to "play chess on".
Fans went wild for the new movement and change in The Beatles, which extended into art, poetry and fashion.
"When my granddaughter came to me and asked me to crochet her a dress, I was very pleased... and when she told me the length... I thought, my God! She's going to get in trouble with this!" - A "Beatles fan's" grandmother.
Paul talks about going to see Bob Dylan as "the big guru" and was flattered that Dylan was a fan of their music.
Take a look at the short documentary clip.