Beatles fan to sell 15,000 item collection of band memorabilia

Music 21/12/2016
A French Beatles fan has been collecting band memorabilia for 50 years and is set to sell it.
Jacques Volcouve plans to sell "15,000 records, signed books, posters, autographs, figurines and memorabilia" for a collection he has spent 50 years building.
He's spent all these years devoted to the band and its history but now needs some financial security.
“I don’t want to sound bitter but I gave my life to them and I’ve never had any recognition or help, not even a free ticket to a concert,” Volcouve told The Observer paper, explaining that he had to move out of his family home and put much of his collection in storage after his parents passed away.
“For many years, I was insufferable because all I talked about was the Beatles. I tried to find a professional job but in the end I was always the ‘Beatles historian,’ and every time I had any money I spent it on Beatles stuff.”
The Observer‘s report doesn’t offer an estimate of the collection’s worth, but Volcouve, who’s in his 60s, says he’s hoping to bring in “enough money to live on decently” for the duration of his days. 
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