Yusuf/Cat Stevens is coming to New Zealand this year


British singer-songwriter Yusuf, formerly Cat Stevens, will tour New Zealand in December.

The 'Morning has Broken' singer is touring to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his first major hit single 'Matthew and Son' and debut album.

Yusuf says he had to take a hiatus from music for a while to reconcile his past and his faith.

"I've come to that balance today, so I'm able to be a reflection of my Western upbringing, my lifestyle, and also my faith as a Muslim."

His last album as Cat Stevens was 1978's Back to Earth. In 2006 he returned to music, releasing An Other Cup. Since then he's put out two more albums - 2009's Roadslinger and 2014's Tell 'Em I'm Gone.

He was last here in 2010, and the new tour will commence on Wednesday, December 13 at Auckland's Vector Arena, with more shows in New Plymouth and Christchurch.

Yusuf converted to Islam in 1977, after a near-death experience while swimming in the ocean.