Tributes for Glen Campbell

News 09/08/2017

Country music legend, Glen Campbell died after suffering from Alzheimer's disease at 81 years old.

Since the news of his death on August 8, 2017 we've had tributes following in for the wonderful musician.

Glen was a very very accomplished and hugely under rated guitarist. There are lots of examples on Google and YouTube.  He could throw in some fantastic lead breaks.
Gentle on my mind is my favourite.

-Jeff Welch, Nelson

Have such special memories of his music – my late husband talked to him outside the  performer entrance of the Chch Town Hall at his last show here – he was dressed in  a white suit  and about to get into a white Cadilliac – they talked for some 30 minutes like very old friends. Did not feel like talking to a celebrity. Nice guy.

Watched him play dueling guitars behind his back at that show – just amazing and we played his version of Amazing Grace at my mother in-laws burial (her name was Grace).

Played Glen Campbell at my husbands funeral as well when he died in an accident at 52yrs old – was our dating music when 17-19 teens (along with John Denver & ABBA) in the 70’s and early 80’s. Still very special to listen to as it evokes so many great and some sad memories. Watched his TV show as a child. RIP – my hubby will be stalking him in heaven!! - Diane

Hi beautiful people. Our most favourite radio station.

Glen Campbell, brings so many memories of my children's childhood
The good times the fun times, the tough times and the sad times.
Our parties with friends all night and holidays traveled for hundreds of miles.
His music was always there.
 My first babies favourite song, Rinestone cowboy. She would clap her little hands above her head , spin around and sing Rinestone cowboy man, Rinestone cowboy man  Cowboyman cowboyman.

The sadness is not that he died, we all die and his music will always be with us. Its that he got alzheimers.

Keep his music coming.


RIP to a great man.

Check out one of his best moments when he gave an incredible Elvis impression!