Johnny Cash shows his tight bond with daughter Rosanne in rare duet

Music 12/09/2017

It's a special moment when Johnny Cash calls up his daughter Rosanne to join him in a duet of 'Tennessee Flat Top Box'.

The rare moment, captured on video in 1989, was taken during a dinner at Johnny and June Carter-Cash’s private celebration of June's “Mother Maybelle’s Cookbook.”

The man in black, wearing a garland around his neck, says on stage he doesn't know where his wife June has disappeared to, so he instead calls on his eldest daughter.

“Rosanne, will you sing it with me just this one time this year?”

The two take turns sharing one microphone as they sing, before they then begin dancing on stage together.

“Tennessee Flat Top Box” was written in 1962 by Johnny, before Rosanne covered it herself on her 1987 album, 'King’s Record Shop'.

At the time, she was completely unaware that her father wrote it, assuming it was a public domain track when her then-husband Rodney Crowell suggested she sing it.

It was only after that she realised her father was the songwriter, and Johnny later told Rosanne that her success with the song was "one of [his] greatest fulfillments."

Johnny Cash died of respiratory failure aged 71 on September 12 2003.