Ringo Starr shares his wish list now that 'Sgt. Pepper' has been reissued

music news 01/09/2017

The 50th anniversary remix and deluxe reissue of the Beatles’ 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band' was released this May.

It's ranked as one of the most influential albums in rock history and had universal acclaim when it was re-released this year.

Ringo Starr talked to the L.A times about how he felt about the reissue and what else is on the list.

“I’d like to do the White Album,” Starr said recently, referring to the 1968 double album officially titled “The Beatles.” “I think Giles should redo that. I don’t know why not. And ‘Abbey Road.’

“But I love the White Album [because] we were back being a band, even though emotionally it was a bit weird between us for a while, and I left the band and came back, and George had all those flowers — you know that story.

“One of the great images to me to this day was the four of us, and the drums, tucked in a room that was like 8 feet by 8 feet or 8 feet by 10 feet and we played ‘Yer Blues’ together,” he said. “We were back being a band again, and so close — there was no separation …

“I’ve told you this before: If you ever want to talk to me about the group, no matter what was going on, after the count-in, we all did our best,” he said. “No one said, ‘That’s not my song.’ Everyone was in after the count-in. I love that — that was the great thing about us.”