5 popular singles from The Beatles that John Lennon hated

Music 14/05/2018

John Lennon wasn't a quiet critic when it came to the songs The Beatles produced. In his 1980 interview with David Sheff for Playboy Magazine, he bluntly said he felt he could "remake every f****** one of them better."

But for Lennon, no matter the success, it was that honesty to the music which drove him. "That's the artistic trip, isn't it? That it why you keep going, always trying to make that next one the best."

Take a look at five popular singles from The Beatles that John Lennon hated.

From the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

Lennon criticised the arrangement and production of the song in his interview with David Sheff. "I heard Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds last night. It's abysmal, you know? The track is just terrible. I mean, it is a great track, a great song, but it isn't a great track because it wasn't made right. You know what I mean?"

From the album Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

"[Hello Goodbye] smells a mile away," Lennon said. "That's another McCartney. An attempt to write a single. It wasn't a great piece." Lennon admitted he was angry that his song 'I Am the Walrus' was chosen as this song's B-side. “The best bit was at the end, which we all ad-libbed in the studio, where I played the piano. Like 'Ticket To Ride,' where we just threw something in at the end," he said of the McCartney tune.

From the album Past Masters (1968)

“Good piano lick, but the song never really went anywhere,” he said. “Maybe I helped [Paul] with some of the lyrics, but I’m not proud of them either way.”

From The White Album (1968)

Lennon despised this song, calling it "granny s***". He deeply resented that the band spent more time on it in the studio than anything else on the White Album. "I might have given him a couple of lyrics, but it's his song, his lyric."

From the album Let It Be (1970)

"That's Paul. What can you say?" Lennon said in his interview with David Sheff.  "Nothing to do with the Beatles. It could've been Wings. I don't know what he's thinking when he writes 'Let It Be.'"

Source: John-Lennon.com