New postal stamps created in honor of John Lennon

Music 11/09/2018

All you need is 50c if you want to get your hands on the newest piece of Beatles memorabilia.

The US Postal Service honoured John Lennon on Friday at ceremony in New York City's Central Park, unveiling  a new stamp bearing his likeness.

"I know that my father would have been really thrilled to have been accepted in this way, officially, on a stamp, about official as it gets I think," said his son Sean Ono Lennon.

"I had so much enjoyment being with John," said his widow, Yoko Ono. "I'm so lucky, I feel very, very lucky. The most complaint I have is that he's not here, but he's somewhere in the sky I think."

The full set of stamps. Photo credit: USPS

Lennon is world-renowned as a founding member of the Beatles and a successful solo artist. The Beatles still hold records for a string of hits released from 1962-1970, including 'All You Need is Love', which served as an anthem for Lennon's humanitarian endeavours. Lennon's last studio album was released in 1980, right before he was shot dead.

Lennon was posthumously inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1987 and twice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - once with the Beatles, and again as a solo artist.

Bob Gruen, who took the photo used on the stamp in 1974, said he hopes it brings "a new generation to his music and his art".

Fans can order the stamps on the US Postal Service website.

APTN / Newshub.