Bee Gees biography film has been confirmed

Bee Gees 18/10/2018

A biopic about the lives of the Bee Gees band members has reportedly been given the go-ahead.

Previously filmmakers including Steven Spielberg and Richard Curtis have attempted to bring a Bee Gees documentary to the screen, but have failed in their efforts. 

According to Robin Gibb's (one of the twin band members) widow Edwina Gibb, the family is in talks to bring Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb's story to the big screen.

“Our film is in the bag. We want to get the right writers. We are in discussions. We have to get agreements from the three families – Barry, Yvonne (Maurice’s widow) and myself. It’ll be interesting," Edwina told the Daily Mirror.

The film is expected to document the three brothers rise from childhood performers in the 1950s, to the Beatles-inspired pop trio in the 1960s, and disco kings in the 19070s. 

Spielberg was reported back in 2010 to be making a movie about the Bee Gees, with Robin confirming the project: “Barry and I will be involved in the technical side,” he said.

Robin sadly passed away in 2012 at the age of 62 however, due to complications from cancer and intestinal surgery. This stopped the films progress.

Barry, 72, is now the only surviving member of the Bee Gees, after Maurice passed due to cardiac arrest in 2003.