Glen Campbell sings Elvis' 'Easy Come, Easy Go' for new 'Sing for the King' album

Glen Campbell 19/10/2018

Glen Campbell originally recorded a collection of songs as a demo for Elvis Presley between 1964 and 1968, and they are now set to be released next month.

Campbell recorded studio versions of songs written for Presley as the intended artist, as he was a good imitator of Elvis' delivery. Ben Weisman and Sid Wayne were the songwriters for many of the songs, with Weisman notably scoring a record 57 total cuts with Elvis. 

The lost album, entitled 'Songs for the King', is due out on November 16th. It came about after the album's executive producer Stepgen Auerbach found reel-to-reel tapes containing the recordings of Weisman and Wayne's songs in a storgae space belonging to Weisman - his uncle by marriage.

12 of the 18 songs on the new release were actually recorded and released by Elvis, including 'Stay Away Joe', 'Spinout' and 'Easy Come, Easy Go'. The album also includes a newly rendered version of gospel song 'We Call on Him' as a duet between Campbell and Presley. 

You can listen to Campbell's version of 'Easy Come, Easy Go' below: