The Beach Boys release a new orchestral version of 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'

The Beach Boys 15/10/2018

The Beach Boys are synonymous with summer and as our Kiwi summer approaching, it only seems fitting to have a Beach Boys record to play as the seasons change.

'The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' features iconic songs from the band's collection of hits, reworked in an orchestral setting.

Recorded at London's historic Abbey Road studios, the original vocals are paired with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's arrangement.

“Because of their meticulous harmonies, bringing an orchestral texture to that is very different from the orchestral albums we’ve done before, and I think that will be borne out when people hear it for the first time,” said Ian MacLay, managing director of the Royal Philharmonic.

The Beach Boys’ Bruce Johnston remembers his first classical music experience watching the orchestra at LA's Hollywood Bowl with his parents. 

“There’d be a beautiful picnic basket dinner,” he recalls. “I’d wear a suit and my dad would wear a white dinner jacket and drink some wine. We'd sit in one of the boxes at the Hollywood Bowl and listen to the symphony.” 

And that’s what this sounds like.

“I always knew the vocal arrangements I did back in the Sixties would lend themselves perfectly for a symphony,” Brian Wilson said.