“Dolly Would or Wouldn’t” played on the Late Late show

Music 12/12/2018

Dolly Parton has recently appeared on the Late Late show alongside Jennifer Aniston to play “Dolly Would or Wouldn’t.” 

The first question was whether Dolly had met Jennifer Aniston's dog who was named after the famous country singer.  Aniston confirmed and said, “There was like a blonde, fantastic affair.”

Parton was initially unsure of the idea of a dog being named after her, but she eventually warmed to the idea. 

“It kind of got a little embarrassing because there were other people and she’d be saying like, ‘Dolly, don’t pee on the rug!’” Parton joked.

The next question Corden asked was"Dolly would, or Dolly wouldn’t you play the Benny Hill theme tune on a kazoo?” 

“Oh, Dolly would!" she confirmed, as Corden passed her a saxophone-shaped kazoo to try it out.

Watch Parton and Aniston's appearance on the Late Late show above!