Nile Rodgers gives away 600 free concert tickets to US federal workers hit by shutdown

music news 27/01/2019

Due to a federal government shutdown in the US since December 22, about 800,000 employees across nine executive departments have been left without pay for over a month. 

In his frustration at the government shutdown and it's effects on the lives of "incredibly hard-working people who provide important service to our country", Nile Rodgers is offering federal government workers 300 pairs of free tickets to his Washington, DC concert this weekend.

“As a two-time cancer survivor, I believe music has a tremendous power and this is a small gesture I can make to provide some joy and healing,” Niles said of the concert at DMV’s MGM National Harbor. “In one of my biggest songs I wrote, ‘We Are Family, I’ve got all my sisters with me.’ I consider all of these people to be my brothers and sisters and I hope this lets them know that we are 100% behind them.”

Any federal government employees who have been furloughed or forced to work without pay are able to apply for a pair of free tickets through ticketing company Eventbrite. 

What a lovely gesture.