Pink Floyd's Roger Waters uses his private jet to reunite a mother with her kidnapped kids

music news 31/01/2019

Pink Floyd's bassist and vocalist Roger Waters helped to reunite a mother with her kidnapped children in a moving act.

Felicia Perkins-Ferreira had not seen her children for over four years after they were kidnapped from her and taken to Syria in 2014 by their father. 

Waters heard of their plight, so he flew the mother out to the Iraq-Syria border in his private jet so she could be reunited with her children, Ayyub and Mahmud.

The children's father is believed to have died whilst fighting in Raqqa in 2017, and the boys were said to have been abadoned on the side of the road by their fathers new wife after his passing.

Ayyub and Mahmud had been looked after in a camp where a friend of Roger Waters, Clive Stafford-Smith heard news of them. “[Roger] agreed to pay for it all and flew the mother over from Trinidad. We’re going to make sure that they get on with a really productive, decent life," said Stafford-Smith.

Perkins-Ferreira later thanked Waters and all those who helped in her reunion with her children, saying she was “really, really grateful” and would like to meet them “and embrace them” to express her thanks.