Bill O'Reilly complains about millennials at Fleetwood Mac concert

News 01/05/2019

Conservative political commentator and disgraced TV host Bill O’Reilly recently complained about "Millennials/Generation Z" at a Fleetwood Mac concert on his podcast 'No Spin News'.

Speaking of his experience at Fleetwood Mac's March Madison Square Garden show, O'Reilly said: "The music of Fleetwood Mac is classic, it's timeless. And there are some songs where you want to jump up and dance. And that’s fine, that’s fine. But the Millennial/Generation Z people would never sit down. From the time it started to the time it ended, they were standing up. And there were people behind them! … There were people behind them, and the Millennials didn’t care. Not at all."

"This drunken guy stands right next to me and my party, on the aisle, he didn’t have a seat. He just kinda ran down and stood in the aisle, weaving like this …"

 "The people who were standing and dancing, they couldn’t care less…what they were doing. … And some of these people were gyrating… and I’m going, 'You know what this is all about? This is about narcissism.'"

You can watch the full rant in the video above.