Elton John wanted Rocketman biopic to be as honest as possible

music news 29/04/2019

Sir Elton John has revealed he wanted the 'Rocketman' biopic to be as "honest as possible", because "the lows were very low, and the highs were very high".

In a featurette released this week, Elton spoke candidly, admitting he was keen that the film didn't hold back because he wanted the adaptation of his rise to fame to be true to life, even with the negatives.

Taron Egerton, who portrays Elton John on screen, gushed that taking on the role has "been the greatest joy of my professional life making this film. It's amazing that this working class kid is now one of the biggest icons in the world."

Elton's husband David Furnish, who executive produced the film, said of his loved one: "Music as a young boy pulled him out of a very unhappy childhood, and that opened a door to an infinite amount of possibilities."

"It's about Elton navigating personal and family relationships. He looks for love in all the wrong places, he abuses himself with drugs and booze – yet he's a genius who has survived for over half a century in showbusiness," said director Dexter Fletcher.

Producer Matthew Vaughn added: "This film is going to make people's jaws hit the ground, Elton just said "Tell it all. Go as R-rated as you need to". And we do just that, with his blessing. The flaws and the genius are all there."