Elvis Presley Boulevard to receive $40 million revamp

News 16/04/2019

A 3-mile stretch of the Boulevard named after Elvis Presley is set to embark on a multi-year-long makeover due to begin soon.

The $40 million project will impact the stretch of road from Brooks to Shelby Drive, where Elvis Presley Enterprises’ Graceland attractions sit. The road will be repaved, widened, and made more "aesthetically pleasing", according to Robert Knecht, director of the city’s Public Works said.

"Overall, the enhancements will make the street more usable and more walkable," Knecht said.

Construction will commence "any day now", and wrap up in 2022. The revamp will include  bike lanes, sidewalks, LED lighting, and other amenities that Knecht said will be up to the residents in the community to decide upon.

The funding for the project is coming largely from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.