LISTEN: Previously unreleased Freddie Mercury single: 'Time Waits for No One'

music news 21/06/2019

After four decades buried deep in his vaults, a previously unreleased version of ‘Time’  is here after two years of work. Recorded in 1986 by Freddie Mercury for the concept album of the hit musical of the same name, the song has been stripped back and produced by long-time friend of Freddie's, Dave Clark.

The track is available now, along with a powerful and deeply moving new music video which you can watch above.

‘Time’ was a West End musical by Dave Clark which opened at London’s Dominion Theatre in April 1986, merged sci-fi, rock music and ahead-of-its-time special effects and multimedia. It broke box records and played to over a million people during its two-year run.

For the show’s multi-million selling concept album, Dave had a song in mind for Freddie (‘In My Defence’), which he recorded at Abbey Road Studios in October 1985. In January 1986, they returned to Abbey Road with a group of amazingly talented musicians to record the title song.

The video for the song was filmed in three hours at the Dominion Theatre and was quickly wrapped to allow the musical to prepare for that evening’s performance - it had opened earlier that month with Freddie attending opening night. Worried about capturing the full performance, it was a 4 camera shoot, which was cut together quickly in order to turn it around for that week’s broadcast of 'Top of the Pops'. The original footage was consigned to the vaults, until now.

Dave Clark had always remembered Freddie's original performance of the song at Abbey Road Studios, and he wanted to hear this original recording again - just Freddie on vocals and Mike Moran on piano. After much searching through the vaults to find the version without all the backing vocals, he finally retrieved it from his tape archive in 2018. He brought in original keyboardist Mike Moran to record a new piano track, restoring the huge potential of this historical performance. He then used the original footage from the 4 camera shoot to piece together the beautiful visual you can see above. 

You can listen to the track on a number of different medias below. Enjoy.