Would you eat insects for lunch?

Ryan Bridge 22/07/2019

A survey conducted by AgResearch reveals how much of an appetite Kiwis have for eating insects.

AgResearch scientist Penny Payne who led the survey component of the research joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to explain the results.

Penny explains that insects are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats but there are “psychological barriers such as disgust toward insects as food.”

“In particular, in most Western countries people may associate insects with connotations of pests and disease transmission, due to this being the most common way they are portrayed.”

However, insects can also be highly beneficial.

They survey found 67 percent of people would be willing to try insect based flour products, like cookies, bread and wraps made from the flour.

Ryan wanted to know why people should consider insect based products to which Penny explained that, “there’s lots of environmental benefits.”

They have really low greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional protein sources.

Penny further explains that “they’re actually quite healthy”, and that efforts would be needed to counter the perception that insects are unsanitary.

Listen to the full interview above.