Elvis Month: Elvis Returns to the Top Before the Fall

Elvis 28/08/2019

Beginning August 1969 Elvis is booked for four week 57 show engagement at the brand new International Hotel in Las Vegas.

The show is made from brand new and old songs alike and receives glowing reviews.

The gig breaks all existing Vegas attendance records, Elvis’ first live album is produced from the recordings.

These performances are the premier for Elvis’ iconic look appearing in a two piece simple karate inspired outfit which would serve the basis for the future, flashier one piece jumpsuits.

This era would represent the most erratic and the sky rocketing heights of Elvis’ eccentricity. In 1970 on a whim Elvis sets out to Washington D.C determined to meet President Nixon to receive a badge from the federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Elvis continues to tour, ramping up the number of shows that he performs as though making up from the decades absence from touring while in Hollywood. 

In 1973 Elvis perform ‘Aloha from Hawaii-via Satellite’, the performance acts as the pinnacle of Elvis’ stardom.

He commissions an American Eagle design for his jumpsuit, never in music history has one performer reached so much of the world with one show.

Elvis is in peak physical and vocal form, before a decline in his health and increasing hospitalisations signal the oncoming fall.

Elvis opens for an engagement in Vegas in August 1975 but the shows end early as Elvis is hospitalised, this will represent the first of a series of tours affected by Elvis’ declining health.

Elvis’ tours fire ahead at full speed, with some cancellations due to hospitalisations, in June 1977 while on tour Elvis is recorded for a CBS special ‘Elvis in Concert’ that will air after his death.

The recordings offer a glimpse of the King’s declining health before his ultimate death in his Graceland Mansion on August 16, 1977.