Elvis Month: Elvis Feels the Grind

Elvis 22/08/2019

After a few years focusing almost exclusively on his film career 1966 sees a renewed interest in music for Elvis.

He excitedly invests in new equipment and takes an avid interest in folk music.

They year continues to see a number of Elvis film releases to somewhat more muted responses, while still successful they struggle to break through to high grossing box office results.

Although the cooler results do not deter RCA records from extending their contract with Elvis a year sooner than necessary as they are still successful.

December 1966 Elvis proposes to Priscilla just before Christmas. They celebrate Christmas and Elvis buys Priscilla a horse as his interest in horses grows.

In February 1967 Elvis buys a 163-acre ranch minutes away from his Graceland home.

Horse-riding has become a major interest and welcome diversion from Elvis’ growing frustration with his cooling box office and chart results.

Elvis’ second gospel ‘How great thou art’ is released, receiving good reviews and earning Elvis a Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance, his first.

In May 1967 Elvis marries Priscilla in a private ceremony among family and friends in Vegas.

The newlyweds will once again don their wedding outfits for a second ceremony for a larger family and friends group who could not attend Vegas.

Elvis continues to grow his film career shooting ‘Speedway’ with Nancy Sinatra from June to August, during production Priscilla’s pregnancy is announced.

In October Elvis begins filming ‘Stay Away Joe’, a western-themed comedy in which Elvis plays a part Native American once more.

This is a major departure from the near indistinguishable plots of his more recent films, a welcome return to creative expression for the ambitious actor.

In January 1968 NBC announces an Elvis Christmas Special, marking his first appearance on television for eight years.