Elvis Month: The early years of Elvis Presley

Elvis 01/08/2019
Source: Flickr Public Domain

Born January 8th 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi Elvis’ twin brother Jessie was stillborn leaving Elvis an only child.

They were a close-knit family and it was while attending church in his early years that the future king of Rock n’ Roll found his inspiration. 

His first ‘performance’ was for a local singing contest in 1945 after a teacher encouraged him following a rendition of old shep.

He came fifth, he would sing it again at a high school talent show and get a standing ovation, in 1956 he released his own cover.

The course of music history is changed forever when in 1946 Elvis’ parents, unable to afford a bicycle, convince him to get a guitar instead.

He plays that guitar again as  a farewell to classmates in Tupelo when, in 1948, his parents move to Tennessee in search of better economic fortunes.

Elvis graduates in 1953, immediately going to work at Parker Machinists Shop. That summer he organizes a gift for his mother Gladys.

For four dollars he records two tracks on a demo acetate at The Memphis Recording Service.

Notes of the assistant to the sound recorder read, “Good ballad singer. Hold.”