The reason Dolly Parton wears long sleeves revealed

Music 14/08/2019

Ever noticed that Dolly Parton never wears anything but long sleeves?

The famous singer has been in the spotlight for so many decades now, and we still have never seen her arms. Now fans are starting to question why, and suggesting she is probably hiding tattoos.

 Roseanne Barr a comedian confiremd that folly parton indeed has tattos in an apperacne on Craig Ferguson's talk show in 2011.

"Do you know who's totally tattooed?" she said. "I shouldn't even tell this. Dolly Parton is totally tattooed.

"She showed me. She's got all these awesome tattoos all over her body — no black or blue lines, all like pastel, gorgeous bows all over everything."

They were the most beautiful angels and beautiful butterflies and baskets of flowers in pastel-coloured tattoos.