'Abbey Road' 50th anniversary edition hits the shelves

music news 27/09/2019

50 years ago today on September 27 1969, Abbey Road, the final recorded album by the Beatles was released. To mark the special occasion a special anniversary edition has been released. 

At it’s release ‘Abbey Road’ was a contentious and even controversial issue, with the band themselves disagreeing on the value of the songs recorded.

This anniversary edition is not as robust as previous special re-releases of Beatles work but is no less essential.

The cracks had begun to burst through the seams for the band during the ‘Let It Be’ sessions, recorded earlier but released later than ‘Abbey Road’, it’s possible that surviving stakeholders were less willing to release as much behind-the-scenes recordings.

More so, it could be an indication that the band had come more prepared to avoid the tensions that typified the ‘Let It Be’ sessions.

One thing is for certain, the 50th anniversary edition represents a continued effort to reinvent and relive the magic that the original inspired.