Everything is live on stage, there are no digital computers for KC and the sunshine Band

Latest - Magic Music 08/11/2019

KC and the Sunshine Band are coming to New Zealand as part of the stellar line up for A Summer’s Day Disco appearing in venues all over the country.

The namesake himself joins Magic Breakfast to chat with Mark Leishman ahead of his arrival to New Zealand.

KC tells Mark that he never would have thought he would still be going strong after over 40 years saying, “who thinks of that when your 21 years old?”

He recounts some of his fondest memories including “getting to travel, see places and meet people from all over the world.”

Having a hit record that was my dream, I have to say that was the highest point of all.

Asked where his sound comes from KC mentions the influence of Junkanoo music he had heard in the carribean as a large influence saying, “I thought it was very infectious and I wanted to share that through the world.”

"I wanted to do something that was bright and happy. So I just set out to create that kind of high energy type of music."

Mark asks about the size of the band which number 15 wondering if that’s true, KC confirms it is saying he wanted to be as faithful as possible to the original sound of the albums without using digital sampling.

Everything is live on stage, we don’t have any digital computers, no samplers, nothing, during the show.

KC tells Magic Breakfast that he is excited for his first time to tour in New Zealand and is looking forward to playing alongside the other acts at A Summer’s Day Disco likening them to, “a musical family.”

He talks of his return to music after an earlier retirement, “and then I realised that I stopped doing something I really enjoyed doing.”

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